Tuesday, December 9, 2008

The Family Hippie

One very tired Dad!
First outing - the nail salon.

Walking the countetop in 5 steps or less

Taking a few unsteady steps with Mom's friendly cane.

Just a quick update on Mom and her progress since surgery.
She is doing so good and improving everyday. We do
physical therapy (Dad and Diane) everyday and each
time she gets stronger and stronger. I took her for a
nail appointment (top picture) and that was her real
first outing and she did awesome. She also braved getting
her eyebrows waxed! Saturday evening the city of
Palmyra held a Christmas concert at the stake center
and she wanted to go. 3 choirs from around the
community performed and she totally enjoyed herself.
Many people commented on the sparkle and smile the
saw and how much they had missed that part of her
in the last few months. Before the end of the week we
should have her off the walker and completely on the cane.
Next hurdle - her confidence! She feels very unstable on
the cane but with more and more practice she will do just
fine. They have been well watched over by their ward
and temple friends. Still glad I could be here with them.
A boost for all of us. We will try to post some videos
of her workouts ... pretty fun.


Monday, November 17, 2008

Fall Clean Up

While Ron and Nancy are serving in Palmyra, the family gets together to take care of their yard.
We had a great time working together.
The yard is now ready for winter, so bring on the snow.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Beautiful trees in NY

Does anyone have a rake?
Better still -
Why don't we just let the leaves fall and they did.

We loved the color of this tree.
We also actually had a day with blue skies.

The log fence at the Smith Farm.
Every year more post need repair. Who is blessed to help?
All the senior couple missionaries.
An October sunset. The clouds tell it all.